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Have you tried applying for a home loan or a personal loan in India? That is one of the hardest things you will ever do. There are major problems with applying for a loan through traditional channels.

One, the loan agents promise a lot but deliver little, especially when it comes to getting a loan approved at a low interest rate. Second, in India the financial markets are very obscure, so you have no idea what different banks offer. This means you cannot bargain and have to go with whatever is available.

Third, applying for loans is a very paper intensive process in India. There’s just too much paperwork to handle. You will need to submit pay slips, bank statements and more of the past 6 months and sign on dozens of applications.

So, if you want to apply for a loan in India, is there is an easy way out of this mess, one that would allow you to apply for the loan product of your choice with ease?

Yes, there is one – is an online marketplace for offering bank loans, personal loans, car loans, credit cards, insurance policies and more. It is the most comprehensive and neutral online marketplace for loan products and related financial services.

You can now compare and choose various financial services on the platform with absolute ease. FinanceMeNow is a venture started by Dial Me Now Online Pvt. Ltd.

DialMeNow is the #1 business search service in Rajasthan. DialMeNow specialises at connecting buyers with sellers. The company helps buyers find the products and services they require and helps sellers by improving their sales and making their marketing channels more effective.

FinanceMeNow has a comprehensive list of loan products. It is determined to be India’s biggest aggregator of loans – all types of loans – and everything related to funding, financing, lending and borrowing.

Here are some of the products available at FinanceMeNow.

Personal Loan – You can now get a much needed personal loan from a lender of your choice at the best interest rate. The personal loan can be for a variety of purposes – medical, consumer durables, home renovation, holidays and more, without any collateral.

Business / SME Loan – You can now get business loans for your start-up at affordable rates at a competitive interest from FinanceMeNow, which has aggregated business/SME loans from multiple lenders.

Home Loan – FinanceMeNow helps you get a home loan at the best possible interest rate. You can now get the home loan of your choice and compare what’s available with different lenders.

Loans Against Property – Indians are emotionally attached to their properties. now helps you leverage the financial worth of your property while continuing to occupy it at the same time. Apply for loans against property at FinanceMeNow.

Vehicle Loan – You can now get the car or bike of your dreams by applying for vehicle loans available at FinanceMeNow, where vehicle loans from dozens of lenders have been aggregated. You can now compare and choose the one that gives you the best interest rate.

Education Loan – You can now achieve your child’s dreams of a higher education in India, USA, Australia and Europe by applying for an education loans at FinanceMeNow.

Marriage Loan – Marriage is the most auspicious event in anybody’s life. You can now prepare for yours or your daughter’s marriage by shopping for the best marriage loans available for the lowest interest rates at FinanceMeNow.

P2P Loans – Peer-to-peer lending is a big thing in the U.S., and it is now catching up in India. This feature is still under construction, we will be up with it very soon.

FinanceMeNow has the right mix of experience and entrepreneurial chutzpah, which is so important for a young start-up. It offers tailor made financial solutions for your requirements using predictive analysis and intelligent algorithms.

You will now get access to accurate and unbiased information on various financial products, and get what you want quickly and efficiently, from the comfort of your home, without having to make phone calls or multiple visits to banks.

With the help of the professional relationship managers at FinanceMeNow, you will make smarter decisions and deal with much less paperwork. FinanceMeNow has an efficient CRM system in place which ensures that you get automatic status updates and notifications on every transaction through SMS and email.

Do use the all-India helpline number 92523-92523 to get in touch with a financial advisor at You can use also avail of the online chat facility at the website.

So what are you waiting for? Just Apply Now !

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