Jain Dharma Quiz

Jain Dharma Quiz

Hint : All Answers To The Following Questions Start With The Letter “P”

Questions : 

1) What Are Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadyaya And Sadhu Called?

2) In What Language Are Jain Scriptures Written?

3) What Are The Five Auspicious Events In A Tirthankar’s Life Called?

4) In What City Did Mahavir Swami Attain Nirvana ?

5) Influx Of Karma Due To Good Activity Is Called What?

6) What Is An Animal With Five Senses Called?

7) Influx Of Karma Due To Bad Activity Is Called What?

8) What Is The Name Of The 23rd Tirthankar? OR According To Historians, Which Tirthankara Is Most Depicted In Statues And Images?

9) An Activity Done In The Morning And In The Evening To Get Rid Of Karma Is Called What?

10) This Digamber Festival Translates?To Stay Close To Soul? It Is Also The Important 10-Day Festival?

11) What Is The Name Of The 6th Tirthankar?

12) What Is The Most Famous And Sacred Place In Gujarat?

13) What Is The Soul Called Who Possesses Earth As Its Body?


Answers : 

1) Panch Parmesthi

2) Prakrit

3) Panch kalyanak

4) Pawapuri

5) Punya

6) Panchendriya

7) Paap

8) Parasnath

9) Pratikarman

10) Paryusan Parv (Das Lakshanji)

11) Padam Prabhuji

12) Palitana

13) Panch Tatva

Answers Courtesy : Usha Devi Rara

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