Taragarh Fort

it is rightly named, as when viewed in night from the valley down below, the fortress on the crest of the hill looks star adorned. The fort was earlier know as Ajaya-Meru-Durg and is about one and a half hour climb beyond the “Adhai-Din ka Jhonpra”. It is also mentioned as garh beetil in the rural songs, as the fort is perched atop the hill, locally called as beetli. The fort is approached through a series of impregnable gates, which made the access very difficult for the invaders. The first entrance is known as ‘Lakshmi Pol’ or the ‘gate of wealth’ the second is know as ‘Phuta Darwaza’ or ‘broken gate’ by the common people as its roof has fallen down, the third is the gagudi ki phatak and the fifth on e is the gate of victory which is the principal entrance to Taragarh fort.

Taragarh also has a mosque and a shrine of Miran Sayyad Hussain, the governor of the fort who died in 1202. But, it was sanctified after the visit of Akbar about four and a half centuries later.

Taragarh Fort

Taragarh Fort

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