Junagarh Fort

The impregnable fort was built by Raja Rai Singh in 1593, on of the most outstanding generals of emperor Akbar. The impressive fort encircled by a moat could never be conquered, many outstanding palaces, pavilions and temples are made of red sandstone sandstone and marble with kiosks and balconies. Gigantic columns, arches and graceful screens grace the palaces of the fort.

The suraj pol or ‘Sun Gate’ is the main entrance to the formidable fort. Some of the interesting monuments within the ramparts are, anup mahal, ganga niwas and rang mahal or ‘Palace of Pleasure’. The magnificent har mandir is the place of worship for the members of royal family. Chandra mahal or ‘Moon Palace’ is adorned with exquisite paintings on the lime plaster walls and the phool mahal or the ‘Flower Palace’ is decorated with inset mirror work. Other important sites are durbar hall, gaj mandir, sheesh mahal or ‘Mirror Chamber’ and karan mahal etc.

The fort also has a museum with a rich collection of the art n facts of the region and several centuries old antiquities.




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