The imposing golden hued fort or sonar killa is perched gracefully atop the 76 meter high trikuta hill. It was built in 1156, by rawal jaisal and creates an illusion  of growing out of a rock in an undulating sea of sand. The fort built in Jurassic sandstone has its base encircled by a wall of solid stone blocks, above which the hill protects and supports the ramparts forming a double line of defence. The bastions are in the form of half towers, surrounded  by high turrets and joined by thick walls.

The entire living area is well protected inside the ramparts of the fort. It is approached through the ganesh pol or the ‘Elephant Gate’, form the main market, followed by the suraj pol or the ‘Sun Gate’, bhoota pol or the ‘Haunted Gate’. The hava pol stands sentinel to the royal palaces and lead to the main enclosure, the hall of public audience.

The palaces of the rulers built atop the main entrance, from an imposing edifice crowned by a huge umbrella of metal, mounted on a stone shaft. The fort is dotted with many intricately carved haveli’s (mansions) and several ancient hindu and jain temple, dating back to 12th -15th century.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

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