Jaipur, the ‘symphony in pink’ is the land of superlatives, where breathtaking beauty and rich art and culture blend superbly. It nestles amidst the aravali ranges and is surrounded by rugged hills on three sides, each crowned by a formidable fort, while the city is studded with grand palaces, majestic mansions and gracefully landscaped gardens and parks. The former capital of the cakhhawahas was founded in 1727 and was named afteris founder sawai jai singh. His flair for mathematics and astronomy was legendary. Jai singh’s various talents and tastes are very well exhibited in his dream city, as he not only planned the new city but the execution of the plans were also co-ordinated by him. The designing of the city was entrusted upon a young and talendted Bengali architect, vidyadhar bhattacharya., who gave shape o the plans and ideas of jai singh. It is perhaps the first planned city of india and was laid with great precision, o the basis of principles of ‘Shipl Shastra’, the ancient hindu treatise on architecture. The city was built in the form of a rectangle, divided into blocks (Chowkries), with roads and avenues running parallel to the sides. The layout of the streets was based on a mathematical grid of nine squares, representing the ancient hindu map of the universe, with the sacred Mt. meru, home of lord shiva, occupying the central square. The palace sector or ‘Chowkri Sarhad’ is at the centre of the old city, where major moments of the jaipur are according to the plans of jai singh. but, in 1863, jaipur dressed itself in pink to welcome prince albert, the consort of queen Victoria. the colour became and integral part of the city and it came to be known as the ‘Pink City’.

The city epitomizes the spirit of rajputana and preserves its rich history and culture, even though it has grown into a modern metropolis and a throbbing commercial centre. The fusion of antiquity and modernity, excellent planning, unique architecture and colourful lifestyle can excite even the most seasoned tourist. The city is a visitors delight and caters to the needs of each form of tourism, ranging from historical, cultural, adventure, sports, entertainment, shopping, business, conventions and conferences. Jaipur, is also a renowned handicraft centre and is known for producing exquisite gold jewellery enameled of inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones, blue pottery, carvings on wood, stone and ivory, block print and tie and dye textiles, leather articles, hand made paper, miniature paintings etc. jaipur is a shopper’s delight too, as a wide range of excellent handicrafts are available in the city.

The city today has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations on the tourist map of the world. Jaipur is very well connected by air, rail and road.



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