Chivalrous Chittaurgarh, the citadel of the brave, reverberates with tales of valour and romance. The maive fort atop a hill is regarded as the best in the country and could be singled out for its glorious past. It has witnessed some of the bloodiest battles in history, three great sakas and several heroic deeds of valour, which have become an integral part of the folklore.

According to legends, bhim, one of the the heroes of mahabharta epic, came here to learn the secrets of immortality and became a disciple of a sage. But, his impatience to perform all the rites deprived him of his goal and out of sheer disgust he stamped on the ground, which created a water reservoir ‘Bhim Lat’. Historians believe that the region came under the mauryas or mri rajputs, but here are different opinions as to when it came under the mewar rulers. It is said that bappa rawal, the legendary founder of the sisodia clan, conquered chittaur from mauryas in the middle of 8th century. Under his able descendants, mewar became one of the most powerful kingdoms of the north, with its boundaries extending from Gujarat to ajmer. Chittaurgarh  remained the capital of mewar till 1567, when akbar, sieged chittaur and Udaipur became the new capital of mewar.

The nearest airport is at dabok, Udaipur (90 kms.). chitaurgarh is connected by rail and road.



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