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Funny Names of Places in India

Hi Friends, Wish you a Happy Ram Navmi. India is known for its Unity in Diversity. There are some funny names of places in India when we translate it to English. Today we are sharing some of those  with you. Hope you like reading it. 1.Large State 2. Place of Kings 3. Face ...Read More

Jain Dharma Quiz

Jain Dharma Quiz Hint : All Answers To The Following Questions Start With The Letter “P” Questions :  1) What Are Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadyaya And Sadhu Called? 2) In What Language Are Jain Scriptures Written? 3) What Are The Five Auspicious Events In A Tirthankar’s Life Called? 4) In What City ...Read More

Some Thing Serious About April Fool Day

Hi Friends, We all like to make people fool on 1st April. Have you ever thought why do we celebrate this day. There is a story behind this. April 1 is Named FOOL’s DAY, after Steve April. He was born on 1st April 1576. He did 76 businesses in his whole life. ...Read More

6 Sawal 6 Challenges

6 Sawal 6 Challenges 1. Kis Shakhs Ka Birthday Har Saal Nahi Aata? 2. Dhoop Me Kya Chiz Nahi Sukh Sakti? 3. Kon Sa fal Mitha Hone Ke Bawjud Sale Nahi Hota? 4. Konsi Chiz Hai JisKa Naam Lo to Wo Tut Jati Hai? 5. Wo Kon Hai Jo Bager Pair Ke Bhagta Hai or ...Read More

Find the surnames?

Solve it please. Find the surnames? Find surnames For Example Embarrassed Mother = Sharma Talkative Gentleman = Chatterjee1. Pickled Agreement 2. More Weapons 3 .Monetary Worries 4. I Was 5 .Youthful Me 6 .Beautiful Mango 7 .Beautiful Mountain Goat 8. Wash Limb Joint 9. Secret A 10. Lion Laugh 11. Country Eye ...Read More

Let see how smart r u ..?

Let see how smart r u ..? guess the names of this 3 movies… Answers : 1. Vicky donor 2. Matru ki bijlee ka mandola  3. Kartik calling Kartik   Hit like dialmenow , it was of any help to you.. ...Read More

Identify the bollywood songs

Questions :  1. Oh,this night,this season,along the river bank,this playful wind 2. Day is about to end,twilight is on the way,let me go,I have to go 3. I have forgotten my parents place as my beloveds house is lovely.someone please inform my maternal abode about the same 4.  I am a vagabond ...Read More

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