Maharawal Jagmal singh founded the state of banswara, that was named after bans or bamboo trees, which once grew here in abundance. It has also earned the epitaph of ‘City of Hundred Island,’

Due to the presence of numerous islands in the holy riover mahi, which flows through banswara. The area is mainly inhabited by the tribals and bhils dominate with over 39% of the total tribal population. Banswara is bounded by Udaipur and chittaurgarh districts in the north and north-east. The district constitutes territories of the former banswara state and the chieftainship of kushalgarh.

The ancient town is surrounded by a dilapidated periphery of the stone wall. The palace dominates the town which is dotted with numerous ancient hindu and jain temples. Earlier, this ‘City of Temples’ was also know as ‘Lodi Kashi’ or the small ‘Kashi’.

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