The Alwar Fort

The ancient fort perched on a steep cliff has been a standing sentinel to the crumbling history of valour and chivalry. It is said to be constructed by Nikumbh Rajputs in 928 AD. And later passed into hands of the jats and Mughal. In 1775, the fort was conquered by Maharao Raja Pratap singh, the founder of Alwar state.

The huge fort perched 304 meters above the city extends about 5 kms. From north to south and 1.6 kms. From east to west. It has 15 large and 51 small towers, which contain 446 loopholes for musketry and eight towers around it to strengthen the defences. There are also 3,359 kanguras, each containing two loopholes for musketry. The fort is accesed through six gates, namely Jai pol,Suraj pol, Laxman pol, Chand po, Krishan pol and Andheri Gate. Most of the structures inside the fort are in ruins, but they still reflect the grandeur of the bygone era. There are remains of Jai Mahal, Nikumbh Mahal Salim Sagar Pond, Suraj Kund and many other temples. A dilapidated gortress, built around 1049 A.D. by Alagh Raj and extended by his successors also exists over here.

The most distinguished visitors to the fort were, the mughal emperor babur, who stayed for a night and akbar, on his way to fatehpur sikri in 1579. Prince salim, the son of akbar also resided here during his exile. The palace where he stayed is called as salim mahal, which is now in ruins.





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