Alluring alwar, set in the lap of aravalli ranges, presents a perfect picture postcard settings and seems to be carved out of jagged, craggy rocky outcrops. The ancient city is one of the oldest in the state and its numerous pre-historic and historic sites are an archaeologists delight. It is also a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, as the hilly terrain is dotted with lush green deciduous forests and lakes, which teem with serveral species of birds and animals.

The antiquity of alwar can be traced back to 1500 BC, when it was a party of matsya desh. It is believed that the legandry pandvas, heroes of Mahabharta, spent the last year of their thirteen years exile over here in the city of viratnagar. Nikkumbha rajputs were believed to be the first occupants, who built the fort and old town.

The present city was founded in 11th century by Maharaja Alguhraj. Its strategicllay important location lured the foreign powers, but,the adventurous and valiant people of Alwar always guarded their freedom zealously and resisted against foreign invsaions. But, finally Sultan Balban (1267-1287), suppressed them and brought the region under Muslim rule. In 1775 Maharaja Pratap singh, a kacchawaha Rajput wrested back Alwar from the Mughals and established a principality of its own.

Alwar city the of former Alwar State, was protected by ramparts and moats on all sides except on the hill side.The ramparts and moats on all sides. The ramparts were levelled down and moats filled up 1939-40, according to town development scheme. There were five gates opening up on the city, which exist in dilapidated conditions, except the Lal Darwaja, which is non-existent. The area occupied formerly by Lal Darwaja now forms the main market, having circular shops around Kailash Burj, commonly known as Hope circus.

Alwar is connected by rail and road. It Is equidistant from Jaipur (150kms.)and  Delhi (170kms.).

Fairs & Festivals

The fairs and festivals of all religions are celebrated with traditional zeal. The important festivals of the region are :

Sawan Teej (August) is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Parvati

Chuhar Sind is the main fair of mewat and is attended chiefly by meos.

Laldas Maila in month of may

Bilali Fair (March – April) is celebrated at bansur, on the jaipur border in honour of shitla devi.

Jagannathji Fair is celebrated in  the month of july.

Bhartrihari and Pandupol, these festival fall in the month of august and are celebrated with great zeal.

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